The DDI Process


Our sales and engineering team will work with your product development and sourcing team to fully understand your requirements and expectations.  DDI’s engineers in the US and Asia will translate and define all aspects of your drawings or samples for our Asian manufacturing facilities.  DDI will also retract all confidential information on your drawings to insure your anonymity.


Since DDI works with multiple factories and sourcing offices, we will submit your drawings to various product managers for quoting, thus allowing us to give you a competitive price.  Our final quote to you will include product, duties (if any) and freight.


Upon your approval, DDI will arrange for the production any tooling needed to manufacture your products.  Tooling will be reviewed by our QC Team to verify it meets your requirements.  Samples will be produced, and once qualified by our third party inspection team, we will forward the reports and the samples to you via air or ocean.


After your final approval of the samples, production of your order will begin.  We will conduct one more production inspection to insure we have consistently met your requirements and forward that report to you as well.


After final inspection approval, DDI will arrange freight to the destination of your choosing. The easiest and most cost effective route is to ship a full container direct to you.  However, we understand that you may not want or need a full container of goods. DDI has many options available to you.  Since we have consolidation locations in Asia and the Midwest, we are able to consolidate your order with others, ship it to the Midwest, offload it at our warehouse and deliver it to your desired location.  Or you can mix and match your own products in a container and we can ship it to you.  Our goal is to make this as cost effective and stress-free as possible.